rnb entertainment


RnB Thursdays at Koya are an electrifying celebration of rhythm and soul, featuring the dynamic duo of Ki'Ora Michelle and Luke Whitney. Their blend of captivating vocals and masterful piano melodies sets the stage for a night of deep musical immersion. Complementing the live performances, DJ Babygirl takes the vibe to the next level with a seamless mix of throwback and current RnB hits.



Friday nights at Koya transform into an extravagant dinner party, where guests are treated to an immersive experience complete with bottle service and sparklers, elevating the ambiance to new heights. As the night progresses, the space becomes alive with energy, inviting everyone to the dance floor with a mix of pulsating beats and rhythmic melodies. It's an all-encompassing celebration that blends fine dining with the exhilaration of a night out, making Koya the place to be for an unforgettable start to the weekend.

fire dancer


Sexy Saturdays at Koya offer an unparalleled evening of allure and spectacle, featuring a diverse array of entertainment from the sultry moves of burlesque dancers to the mesmerizing performances of fire dancers and snake charmers. Each act is carefully curated to captivate and enchant, ensuring that guests are not just observers but part of an immersive experience that pushes the boundaries of nightlife. With everything in between, Sexy Saturdays create a unique tapestry of excitement, making Koya the ultimate destination for those seeking the thrill of the extraordinary.